Our high-end technical products and services includes the following.
  1. High quality tools and tool drives for cutting, grinding, milling, filing, de-burring, rust removal, cleaning, brushing, matt finishing and polishing. (www.pferd.com)
  2. Tungsten electrode grinding machines. (www.inelco-grinders.com)
  3. Electro chemical weld cleaning, etching and polishing machines. (www.oreuter.de)
  4. World’s only 100% Natural High Performance Anti Spatter Spray. (contact swit)
  5. Welding tables and accessories. (www.forster-welding-systems.com)
  6. Diamond and CBN tools for grinding, polishing, cutting, dressing, files, paste, dressing sticks and other grinding wheels. (www.effgen.de)
  7. Air Hammers, Air Motors, Assembly-tools, Drilling and cutting, Filing Machine, Metal Processing, Percussive tools, Pneumatic spindles for deburring, grinding, drilling and brushing and Pneumatic Tools. (www.mannesmann-demag.com)
  8. Flexible grinding and polishing for metal and glass. (www.artifex-abrasives.de)
  9. Deep hole drilling machines, related tooling include oil pressure head, BTA-Tool, lantern, drill tube, vibration dampers, boring bar clamping units, pumping and filtration stations. (www.bta-tiefborhrsysteme.com)
  10. Sheet metal working solutions which includes belt grinders, pipe grinders, notching machines, bench grinders, mobile grinders, de-burring machines, press brakes, folding machines, drill presses, disc sanders, band saws, profile bending machines, bending rollers, power shears, work shop presses, magnetic drilling machines, exhaust systems etc. (www.scantool.com)
  11. Complete range of beveling machines for pipes and plates. (www.gerima.de)
  12. Carbide Saw Blades, HSS Saw Blades, Segmental Saw Blades, End mills, Tool bits, Router cutters. (www.dress-tools.de)
  13. Energy management systems to carry electrical cables and hoses for travel up-to 2000 meters and beyond if needed. (contact swit)
  14. Electrical Cables for cable drag chains, reeling drum, festoon, basket, steel industry, mining , tunneling, industrial plant, marine, off shore, automation etc. (www.tkd-kabel.de)
  15. Drill Bits, Chisels and Undercut anchor. (www.keil.eu)
  16. High performance power tools with Brushless technology which includes angle grinder, straight grinder, core cutter etc. (www.hoprio.com)
  17. New generation Cobots/Robots. (contact swit)
  18. Leader in Robotic Force compliance, Servo Spindles and Automation Equipment. (www.pushcorp.com)
  19. Best in class orbital welding solutions from Germany which includes, open /closed weld heads, custom made solutions, tube to tube / sheet weld heads, oxygen analysers, purging solutions, wire feeders, cutting, facing, bevelling machines, job rotators and much more. (www.owt-orbital.com)